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Why BUP?

Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) was founded as the 31st public university of Bangladesh on 05 June 2008 at Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka. Today, BUP has emerged as a unique public university with a multitude of faculties, students, facilities, and purposes. BUP is offering different academic programs under five faculties comprising eighteen departments. Besides there are centers namely Centre for Higher Studies and Research (CHSR) and Centre for Modern Languages (CML). It must be mentioned that fifty-six institutes across the country are affiliated with BUP. There are more than 9,000 students currently enrolled in different 18 departments of BUP and more than 10,000 students are enrolled in affiliated institutes under BUP including 120 Foreign students from 14 different countries. More than 600 scholars from different disciplines have been pursuing research (PhD and MPhil) under CHSR. BUP have 225 permanent Faculty Members and about 200 renowned Adjuncts Faculty Members out of which 110 are PhD holders from North America, Europe, Australia and many other countries. University Grant Commission of Bangladesh has ranked BUP as 5th position out of 46 public universities in Annual Performance Agreement of 2021-2022.

Ever since its inception, a strong commitment to excellence in teaching and research has made the university a trend-setter among the universities of Bangladesh. Strengths of BUP:

  • A rigorous selection process for admission through best possible screening.
  • Interactive sessions in the classroom.
  • Regular guest lectures and visits to organizations
  • Developing a culture of timeliness, commitment, and un-interrupted curriculum
  • Flexibility in choosing competent faculties through outsourcing.
  • Well thought-out and continuous feedback and assessment system.
  • Effective teaching through innovative methods incorporating latest trends and developments in the world.
  • Emphasis on discipline, morality, code of conduct and dress code.
  • A tranquil, pollution free and secure campus life.
  • International standard infrastructures and facilities.

Bangladesh University of Professionals will emerge as a leading university for both professionals and general students through need-based education and research with global perspective.

To develop the civil and military human resource through advanced education and research to respond to the knowledge-based society of the contemporary world.

Integrity : Highest ethical and moral uprightness
Discipline : Strict discipline in all activities
Creativity : Creativity in all spheres
Commitment : High quality academic standards
Wisdom : Enhanced education and research


  • To become a leading university in Bangladesh and in the region
  • To promote knowledge in the field of science and technology, business, medicine, social science, security, and strategy
  • To promote leadership and civil-military relationship
  • To develop intellectual and practical expertise
  • To provide the conducive academic atmosphere
  • To preserve the spirit of national culture, heritage and traditions
  • To facilitate higher education in the Armed Forces
  • To prepare the Faculty and Staff with necessary competencies
  • To deliver competent professionals relevant to the demands of the society
  • To sustain collaborative relationships with communities and educational partners
  • To provide efficient services to support programmes, campus, campus community and quality of life

Present and Future of BUP

Teaching and Learning of BUP